Hire me to speak

I would love to come speak at your school, your conference, your summit, your house, your backyard, your neighbor’s backyard, etc. Please send an email to kylon@successfuldropout.com. I am happy to discuss fees and arrangements on a case by case basis. The general topics I like to speak on are:

  • The current state and realities of higher education.
  • How to succeed in business and in life without a college degree.
  • The future of education (what we need to do and what the trends are).
  • Why dropping out of formal education and forging your own path is better than the traditional route.
  • Similar topics and etc.

Hire me to mentor you

If you need some committed mentoring/coaching, I would be more than willing to serve you. Please send an email to kylon@successfuldropout.com. I like to discuss mentoring arrangements and compensation on a case by case basis. I have extensive experience and would love to coach in these areas:

Starting a business (from idea to revenue)

I’ve started 6 businesses in 6 industries since 2013 and sold one of them. Ecommerce, real estate, construction, food service, fitness, online education…I’ve done it all.

Developing business systems (scaling and growing your existing business)

In all of my businesses systems and personnel are essential…or I couldn’t have multiple businesses at one time, it would be too overwhelming! Systems allow you to scale and grow, and allow you to have a business that eventually works for YOU instead of the other way around.

Podcasting (idea, defining your target audience, launching, growing)

I can coach you in the exact steps I took to launch Successful Dropout and go from 0 downloads/month to 20,000/month at the time of writing this (and still growing by 50-75% each month). 95% of this growth is organic and I launched with no pre-existing social following or platform (literally almost nothing, haha). Successful Dropout takes (at minimum) 3 hours of my time per week to produce two episodes. I’ve got it down to a pretty slick system, and I’m happy to coach someone through the whole process.

Real estate (flipping)

I flip residential real estate every once in awhile to make some extra cash, and because I enjoy the process. In less then a year and a half I flipped three properties and personally netted just over $75,000. In total, all three flips took three or four months of my personal time, and I did it without using any of my own money. This isn’t for everyone…and I will be pretty picky with who I would choose to mentor. 🙂