9: How to succeed after 8 failed startups by reading 120 books in under a year with Joshua Fechter



Joshua Fechter overcame 8 failed startups by reading over 120 books about marketing, business, psychology, and philosophy…all in ONE YEAR! The following nine months he published his writing in over 16 publications, wrote a best seller about Facebook marketing, and helped run several successful Kickstarter campaigns and facilitated hundreds of relationships as the President of San Diego Digital Marketing Experts. He is now managing growth at UpOut which is a subscription service for live events and he’s the organizer of San Francisco Growth Marketers.

Time Stamped Notes

  • 00:40 Kylon’s intro
  • 01:15 Joshua tell us a little more about himself
  • 03:15 What is a Growth Expert? Don’t limit yourself with a title
  • 06:30 Creating systems so a company can scale
  • 11:00 The power of marketing
  • 12:30 Joshua’s drop out story
  • 15:00 Learning as you go
  • 19:00 Didn’t see the value in school
  • 20:30 How friends and family reacted when Joshua dropped out
  • 21:00 Even though blog start up failed, it provided many more opportunities
  • 23:28 Joshua shares some fears he had and how he overcame them
  • 25:30 Advice for people who’s parents don’t support them dropping out
  • 27:20 Another startup
  • 33:00 Joshua shares how he read 120 books in a year!
  • 36:00 Started just walking into companies demanding an interview instead of sending in resume first.
  • 41:00 Worst entrepreneurial moment
  • 42:50 AH HA moment
  • 46:00 What would older Joshua tell younger Joshua?
  • 47:38 Just in time learning
  • 48:34 Personal habit that contributes to Joshua’s success
  • 49:15 Quality Joshua has that he considers essential to being an entrepreneur
  • 50:00 Business book Joshua would recommend
  • 50:40 Internet resource Joshua would recommend (any Chrome extension that blocks out your Facebook news feed)
  • 51:15 Next big goal
  • 52:25 Advice for anyone who is thinking of dropping out
  • 53:40 Advice for someone who has already dropped out
  • 55:15 Best way people can connect with Joshua

4 Key Points

  • Developing systems is the key to scaling a company. Without systems, scaling can be very difficult.
  • Get valuable people on your team as soon as possible during a startup…even if it means giving up more equity.
  • If you want your parents support or just acceptance for you dropping out, become independent of them as fast as possible. When you don’t rely on them for anything, they will be much more likely to be accepting of your decision.
  • Practice “just in time learning”. Don’t waste time learning things that you don’t need to know. Work, take action, and when you come across something you need to learn more about or a skill you need to pick up, learn about it then.

Resources Mentioned

  • UpOut – Subscription service for live events
  • Trust Me I’m Lying by Ryan Holiday — New to Audible.com? Start your trial and get a FREE book here!


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