I’m often asked what tools and resources I use for getting things done, managing money, educating myself, and running SD or my other businesses. I’ve created this page so you have a handy reference to those resources. This page will evolve over time as I discover new resources, so I’d recommend bookmarking it!

There are a few resources that contain affiliate links. If you use them, I’ll get a small commission — though there is no extra cost to you. I recommend these resources because I use them myself and have a lot of experience with them. 

LEARNING The solution to reading a whole lot more, and if you’re not already an Audible customer, your first book is free! Audiobooks are a great way to double your productivity if you spend a lot of time commuting, running, or doing tasks that don’t require much mental effort.

Coursera: A site that offers online courses developed by professors at real universities – and many of them are free (Te and I took the “Learning how to Learn course and loved it!). Again, another great way to learn without spending tons of money or time. 

Udemy: Another great option for online learning. On Udemy you can learn from real professors on topics you’re interested in without the extra unnecessary “stuff” you get in a college setting. Learn various topics and skills!

Successful Dropout Bible: Couldn’t NOT put this in here. The SD Bible is a “living document” meaning it will always be added to and edited to keep it’s relevance. Learn from Kylon, get access to more great resources, and get answers to the top questions we get about dropping out!


Grammarly: Really awesome spelling and grammar checking software. Operates through your browser and catches errors so you can fix them before sending important emails and documents out. 

TomatoTimer: One of the most effective ways to immediately stop procrastinating is to use the Pomodoro Technique: set a timer for 25 minutes, commit to one task, and do nothing but that task until the timer dings. It’s a great way to eliminate distraction and procrastination. 


Looking to apprentice at a startup? Get a full time job in 9 months and start your career now. NO DEGREE REQUIRED. These guys are simply awesome. Listen to Founder, Isaac Morehouse’s interview here. 

In Demand Career: 
Start earning $60k+/year soon by owning your own digital marketing agency. Seth Hymes is a good friend and he’s created one of the best courses on digital marketing out there. Most of his students start earning $60k+/year within months of taking his training. By being a freelance digital marketer, you can run your own business, set your own hours, and work from wherever you want. You can also get a good job at an established company if you wish with these skills. This is the perfect path to take if you want to pay the bills and make a comfortable living while you work on another longer term project/business.

Life Skills That Matter: 
Stephen Warley is a great friend and has been on the SD podcast several times. He hosts an awesome accelerator program and helps you take skills you already have and turn them into a business. Several of our SD members have gone through his program and have nothing but great things to say.

If you’re looking for a great job, Crash may just be the platform that you want to use to expose yourself to multiple jobs at once. Another great company created by Praxis’ Founder Isaac Morehouse, you are bound to find a job using Crash all while becoming a part of a great community. We have many SD members that use Crash and some that even work for Crash!


99Designs: We have used 99designs for many years and for many projects. If you need any design needs, definitely check these guys out! They have various packages available to match your needs and budget. 

BlueHost: If you’re looking for a hosting platform, we highly recommend Bluehost. They are more affordable than other platforms out there and will be a great platform to start with. 

RoseHosting: SD is currently hosted by RoseHosting and we like it. The customer service is top notch and they are fast at solving issues. We put these guys on here because we like them so much. Keep in mind, they are a bit more expensive than BlueHost.