55: Re-examining your idea of success with Jimmy Tomczak



Jimmy Tomczak lives to inspire. He’s launched multiple creative ventures, commercialized inventions, and built a rich network of personal and professional relationships. His work has earned awards including recognition as a Crain’s Detroit Business 20 in their 20’s honoree, a Maker Faire Blue Ribbon, plus honors from organizations like the Elks National Foundation where he was named Alum of the Year. Jimmy has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, CNN and other prominent media. His new book, “Lakeside & Tide”, hit top 100 on Amazon Kindle and #1 in its category. Jimmy is an author and speaker who tells his story to audiences internationally. He recently gave the TED talk, “Living Your Best Life Now Starts Today.”

I loved talking with Jimmy. In this episode we chatted about what success really means to both of us, and how many people have ideas in their head of what success looks like to them without putting much thought into whether or not they will actually enjoy and be fulfilled by that idea of success.

What if making a million dollars a year isn’t REALLY what you want? What if everything you ever wanted in life could be achieved earning only $100,000 a year?

What if instead of setting financial goals, you set lifestyle goals? How much free time do you want to have? What kind of work do you want to do? WHO do you want to spend your time with and HOW do you want to spend your time?

What if your idea of success is more inspired by what society thinks than what you would ACTUALLY enjoy and find fulfilling for yourself?

It’s an important question to wrestle with.



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