Zachary Slayback is an entrepreneur who writes on issues of education, innovation, and philosophy. He is an Ivy League dropout and speaks regularly on education, college, how and why to foster more entrepreneurship, and issues related to professional development. He believes that entrepreneurs are the primary actors of social change.

Zak is also founding team member of Praxis and He was one of LinkedIn’s most influential voices on education in 2015 and has been published at Newsweek, the New York Examiner, the Daily Caller, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, the Christian Science Monitor, the Foundation for Economic Education’s Anything Peaceful and many other publications. he has also appeared on The Glenn Beck Program and HuffPost Live.

Time Stamped Notes

  • 02:40 Intro
  • 03:35 Zak tells us more about himself
  • 04:30 What is the role Zak plays with Praxis
  • 08:05 How his friends and family reacted to his decision to drop out and some advice
  • 12:15 The future of the college degree in law, medicine, science, etc.
  • 16:04 Where is the higher education industry headed?
  • 22:40 What kind of person should stay in college?
  • 28:00 Signaling theory
  • 30:35 Debunking the myth that college grads earn more than dropouts
  • 36:30 Biggest fear Zak had dropping out
  • 38:52 Personal habit that Zak believes contributes to his success
  • 41:36 A quality Zak has that he considers essential to entrepreneurship
  • 45:30 Recommended books
  • 47:58 Advice for people who are thinking of dropping out
  • 50:18 Best way to get a hold of Zak

7 Key Points

  • “If you actually want to be challenged, if you actually want to grow professionally, if you actually want to create value in not just the workforce but the as a whole, I think you have to push yourself outside of academia.”
  • People don’t go to school to learn, they go to school to get credentials. It’s an apprentice system for academics.
  • “Build a good LinkedIn page, build your own personal website, and I will learn more about you than you telling me you have a degree from x school.”
  • When everyone has a degree, than the degree becomes worthless, much like a high school diploma.
  • Higher education has become a religion in this country, and we need to be honest that it is not the best way for most people to become educated and in fact it actually stymies most people’s education.
  • Creation begets creation. Consumption begets creation.
  • The one trait that successful individuals all share is that they have a bias for action. Focus paired with a bias for action is very important.

Resources Mentioned

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