S2E4: How to Overcome Trauma/Suffering and Lead Your Best Life With Cheyenne Noelle


Cheyenne is a writer and futurist with a fierce love for leveraging digital communication. She’s mostly ghostwriting, copywriting, and content writing about life, innovation, technology, and human-centered design. When she’s not writing or learning something new, Cheyenne travels and spends time with her little boy. She currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina.

This isn’t Cheyenne’s first time on Successful Dropout and her episodes just keep getting better! This week we talk about how to succeed and live your best life in the face of suffering, especially past trauma in your life. No one is immune from suffering, but you can’t play the victim. Suffering if one of life’s greatest teachers, and it’s your responsibility to learn and grow from those negative experiences. Let them temper you. The simple truth is that character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.



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