How To Conquer Limiting Beliefs (in 5 steps)


In the most recent episode on SD, we shared how to conquer limiting beliefs in 5 simple steps. Kylon goes into depth of what his limiting beliefs are and takes you through the steps on how to conquer them. In light of that episode, we wanted to share the same concept in written format for those that are visual learners. 

First, in order to conquer something, you must first understand what it is. 

So, what are limiting beliefs? 

Limiting beliefs are anything that you believe about yourself that prevents you from being the best version of yourself. This limiting belief would also prevent you from excelling or succeeding in whatever venture you may be on at this time in life. They are poison to your success. 

Successful people have incredible self belief, almost a blind faith in themselves. Sam Altman writes about this in his article, “How to be Successful”. Look it up. 

But you need to balance this self belief with self awareness or you’ll become a narcissistic dick. 

A way to be self aware is to always seek out constructive criticism from others, and listen to that criticism with the assumption that it’s true. After doing that, you can decide to act on it or not. 

With that in mind, here is the process to conquer limiting beliefs in 5 simple steps. 

1. Break the Pattern 

Ask yourself the following questions about your limiting belief: 

Is it true? 

Do I have all of the data or information? 

2. Get Leverage 

Then, ask yourself: 

What do I feel when I think this? 

Write those feelings down in DETAIL in a journal or a place to frequently visit as you continue going through this process. 

3. Annihilate the Limiting Belief 

The next step is to annihilate the belief. So, begin to explore what it would look like if that limiting belief were NOT true. 

Again, write those feelings and thoughts down in DETAIL in that same journal space. 

4. Say the Opposite is True 

Affirm that the opposite is true! You have now declared that your limiting belief is NOT true. So:
– Say it out loud
– Write it down
– Make it a daily affirmation

5. Create Examples 

Finally, to confirm the conquering of your limiting belief, you have to create THREE examples as to why the opposite is TRUE. 

Write your 3 examples down in a public space that you’ll see daily along with your affirmation. This helps to solidify your NEW belief about yourself as well as give you a gentle reminder when/if you begin to fall into the mindset of your limiting belief again. 


If you struggle with this and are looking for a daily reminder, print out the following graphic and post it somewhere. Remember, limiting beliefs are poison and prevent you from being the best and most successful version of yourself. It’s a daily choice to live in incredible self belief of myself, so just know that you’re not alone! 

Again, if you want to hear Kylon share his personal limiting belief and how he conquered it through this process, go give last week’s episode a listen. 

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash