Employers don’t care about degrees, they care about results.

It’s really that simple. A degree is quickly becoming a poor indicator of performance in your job…most employers don’t even ask where you went to school anymore. At the end of the day, it’s always results that matter. If you can demonstrate that you can provide the results, the job is yours.

You don’t need credentials from a school, YOU are your own credential. You can create your own diploma from “Me University” and demonstrate that it’s more valuable than any other degree from any other university. Successful Dropout exists to show you how.


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Yes, this is actually a thing. Check out these companies!


With Praxis, you can apprentice full time at a growing startup and make $15 per hour…without a degree! You’ll work with successful professionals, complete self-directed projects, and develop skills and experiences that you can take anywhere.


MissionU is a one-year program that gives you the skills and experience needed to launch a successful career. Definitely go check out their program!


Make School is a college designed for the 21st Century. Immerse yourself in a community of makers empowered to build software to shape the world.


RightSkill provides job seekers with unique learning experiences that prepare them for in-demand careers while partnering with employers who are looking for verified, job-ready candidates.


Love what you do or do something else. Your Project X has a community and programs that will help you experiment your way into a new career.