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Weekly Top 10 Purposeful Jobs Listing: week of Aug 1

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After lots of research and interviews with our community, we've selected the following criteria - we call them PURPOSE SPARKS - when evaluating jobs for meaning and impact. We use these criteria to handpick the jobs in our weekly listings. More details here.


from internships to jobs requiring around 4 years experience

1. Master your digital and print communications skills as you broadcast the stories about important community development work @Mayan Families - Panajachel, Guatemala

2. Develop better online experiences for substitute teachers as the associate product designer of the platform connecting substitute teachers and schools @Swing Education – San Mateo, CA

3. Be part of the effort to provide quality fashion choices to women who wear plus sizes as the digital growth manager @Dia&Co – NYC

4. INTERNSHIP: Strengthen your social media, research, and communication skills as an intern at the cause-driven B-corp brand agency @The Black Sheep Agency – Houston, TX

5. Love dogs and snowy winters? Grow your leadership skills in an off-grid wilderness adventure leading dog-sled tours @Nature’s Kennel – McMillan, MI
opportunities for those with more than 4 years of experience

1. Deepen your storytelling, relationship building and communications skills as the social media lead and influencer liaison at the leading coworking platform @WeWork – NYC

2. Grow the team and make an immediate impact at the hot ‘healthy snack’ subscription box startup as the first director of people @Hungryroot – NYC

3. Hone your communications and project management skills as the marketing coordinator at the leading professional growth and mentorship community for women @Ellevate Network - NYC

4. CONSULTANCY: Loan your digital storytelling and marketing expertise to UNICEF in preparation for Global Advocacy Strategy event @UNICEF - Yangon, Myanmar

5. Build a community and grow the movement of social problem solvers as a council community manager @Nationswell - NYC

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