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Web developer and film enthusiast here :)


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I've introduced myself on the fb page before, but this is a different platform, so I'll introduce myself again!

I am a young adult taking life by its hands and feet, and making something out of it. I was unschooled since I was born. I don't think that title is a very good one; people tend to think that the word "unschooled" means that the person is uneducated and just sits at home all day and plays video games. Even though that's only partially true, I've been calling myself a homeschooler; I was afraid of being judged, but that's not very accurate either; my parents didn't school me at home, and I definitely never received any grades.

I'm a life learner, always have been. My parents gave me the privilege of learning about anything I wanted to learn through what other kids called "extra curricular" activities. To me they were just fun classes I did throughout the week. My main focus (if you could even call them that) between elementary and high school was marine biology, Lego robotics, clay sculpting, animation/claymation, piano, math puzzles, fiction/essay writing, fencing, Shakespeare/black box/musical theater, tennis and other sports. Of course I was interested in more things, but the former was just a list of classes and summer camps I took more than just a few times. I guess you could say I'm a "I want to know everything and I don't have time to focus on one thing for too long" kind of person.

I felt the need to explain what my education was because I feel like homeschooling is too broad of a term, it could mean anything. So there ya go :)

Now onto my present! Currently, I work remotely as a web developer. Also a broad term. This is becoming a theme...soon all that will be left is one whole broad. Wait, what am I saying? I'm already a broad! A woman – a broad, get it?

As I was saying, I'm a web developer. I mostly work with WordPress websites. Among other things: I've designed navigation bars, fixed crashed websites, and programmed a dynamic email sender. It's a rewarding and stressful job at the same time; I create and fix things all the time. I recently went to a trade school to expand my software quality assurance testing knowledge. It was grueling; I'd never went to a real school before, plus they wanted me to do things exactly to the point, even when it didn't make sense. I will be getting into an internship soon, which is exciting! I don't know which one yet; I still need to go through their job clearance first, which is just a few critical questions that helps them understand if I'm ready for the job market or not.

I need to get more coffee and get to my work and studies.


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Haha well welcome to the Forum Viki! As your username suggests, you seem very happy! Love it.

Thanks for sharing your story, I have respect for what you do! Although I don't work as a web developer, I do a lot of it...this entire site for instance! haha. I really enjoy it...could be a good skill to fall back on for some extra cash if everything else I'm doing goes south!

Anyways, again, welcome.


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Welcome Viki, I love your story!

@Gerrit and I are working on developing a web platform that should make learning the way you did easier and more accessible to the general public. I'd love to chat with you about your unschooling experience sometime, and maybe get your feedback on what we're working on. :)


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Yes great story and always nice to have more developers. And it sounds like you could help Kylon with this platform. Do you travel while you work or are you in one specific location? How do you get your work assignments? Are you a freelancer or employed by a company? Do you have a portfolio or some example websites we could admire?