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Running a Parrot Boarding Business


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Woah I'm the newest member out of 250? That must make me number 250! I love that!

So I just finished writing out my about me, and I don't want to just repeat myself but I should give a short intro to what I do:

I am the owner of Maple Springs Aviary. A home based parrot sitting business, dedicated to providing your birds with the same level of care you would provide them in your own home.

To answer some of the most common questions I get: I feed them, water them, and can guarantee that each bird gets a MINIMUM of one hour out of their cage per day, hanging out with me. Birds (parrots) need social interaction or they tend to scream their heads off! Here is a quick video for those of you who have never interacted with parrots before. I should point out that the second I turned on the camera they all stopped making the noises that I was trying to capture. (I hope it works I am struggling to find a way to add it)

Eventually I hope to become quite the authority in the Parrot Behaviour industry, but I have a long journey ahead of me, that I hope you will enjoy following along with as I progress! Thanks!