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Need help, mentoring, accountability, and brutally honest feedback to help you get back on track? Research mastermind groups.

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I just literally stumbled across this and found out what it was a couple of hours ago. From what I've been finding out so far, mastermind groups can be a very powerful resource to help you get through road blocks, ruts, and inspire you. Mastermind groups can call you out when you're second guessing yourself or making excuses. That may be uncomfortable to do, but in the long run, it will help you get things back on track. Bounce ideas off other people. Share good times and bad. Using a group setting, and their experiences, can help you get through things that you can't figure out how to do yourself.

Here's some examples.:

Basic concept. What a mastermind group can do for you when you're just trying to get through life.

A more formal explanation of what a mastermind group is.

An explanation of how to set up and structure your own mastermind group.

The inventor of the mastermind alliance, Napoleon Hill. Author of The Law of Success: The Master Wealth Builder's Complete and Original Lesson Plan for Achieving Your Dreams and Think and Grow Rich. Here's a speech he made, in his own words.

Now, is it time for you to figure everything out by yourself, or, use other resources to help you achieve your goals and success at a much higher rate than you could do alone? Network with peers. Have a need? Maybe the group can point you in the direction to get results. You build off of each other. You build a team support group. They can offer support at a less expensive level than going it on your own. Would building a website help you get your name and product out there? Don't know how to do that? Maybe they know somebody that can make that come to life. Maybe the web dev needs help in something that is your expertise. Build a support team of people that want to help, and see each other succeed.

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Mastermind groups are incredible! I was a part of one for quite a few years before we moved away. :) Definitely recommend finding one that you jive with.