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The main functions and characteristics
1. A higher degree of ionization and decomposition.
2. The electron temperature and ion temperature on the ratio of the gas temperature is very high, in the carrier gas to keep the right temperature.This feature, in the case of vapor deposition, can make the temperature of the substrate will not too high.
3. Can maintain plasma under high pressure.
4. No internal electrode in plasma container, no any matter beyond the working gas, are clean, no pollution.Plasma generator can keep long life.
5. Plasma can adopt the method of magnetic confinement, the constraint within the space in, microwave and magnetic circuit can be compatible.
6. High safety factor.High voltage source and plasma generator isolation from each other, this is a dc plasma cannot achieve.Microwave leakage is small, easy to achieve the radiation safety standards.It is difficult to achieve high frequency induction plasma.
7. The microwave generator is stable, easy to control.
8. Microwave plasma, in many cases is a relatively quiet plasma, unlike dc discharge with high noise level.
Microwave excitation in the form of plasma
1. The microwave transmission line and the cavity.
2. The edge field slow wave structure.
3. The near-field microwave antenna.
4. Stimulate plasma column and waveguide coaxial base surface wave base surface wave plasma column.5. Using electron cyclotron resonance plasma.
The purpose and scope of application
Plasma processing equipment is widely used in plasma, plasma etching, leave glue, plasma coating, such as plasma ashing and plasma surface modification, etc.By the plasma treatment, can improve the surface wetting ability, can make a variety of materials coating, plating, such as operation, enhance the bonding strength and bonding force, at the same time to remove organic pollutants, oil or grease.
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