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And very rocky. July 29th will be a year since I went off my antidepressants...I have cried every day. Side effects can last up to a year and maybe more they say. It's not been total breakdown crying, a lot of times people are sitting right next to me and don't notice that I'm fighting tears and sniffing. Listening to music seems to make me cry the most. It's weird, I'll have Motley Crew or Avenged Sevenfold playing to get pumped up on my way to work and then out of nowhere I'm crying. The last couple months I noticed I have become depressed all the time. And I now know, I hate my effing job! I was getting so damn mad about everything that has to do with my job and the stress of being pushed to do more than I can handle, there was a tipping point and I walked out......to the parking lot. I cried a lot and my husband told our supervisors that they need to do something cause it's not just me that's ready to leave. It's everyone. This was 3 weeks ago. Today I found out the sector president is quitting. Lmao. I work for L3 Harris now instead of L3 Technologies, we merged with Harris. You can find a bunch of info about it on the internet. Huge corporate bullshit.
I have more updates but I gotta get going for now. I have some need for outside advice on what to do moving forward. Hope to hear back from some of you again.