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I'll try to keep it brief. Where I'm at now with exploring starting my own business.

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I still don't know what it is I want to pursue. I've adopted the words from Steve from Lifeskillsthatmatter.com

I just listened and subscribed to his podcast. I thought the best place to start would be episode 1.

He talked about what to say if someone asks you what you do. I'm going to say that I'm learning about, and exploring options, of starting my own business.

I'm tired of working for someone else and getting paid way below my skills, knowledge, and job experience levels. I feel I'm bringing a lot to offer, but the boss is like, this is what we pay for this position. In my opinion, I think my position doesn't mean that much to the employer, because they aren't willing to pay more. They need people like me, but they aren't willing to pay more.

I'm going to step off this treadmill, and make something great.

Like I said, I haven't found anything yet to pursue, but I just gave myself a vision goal. Within 3 years, I see myself running my business and living a much better life and lifestyle than I am right now. I hope this is a realistic goal.

Right now, I'm working on changing my mindset and habits. I'm learning to emulate the habits of rich and successful people. I'm journaling, reading everyday, and learning new things by listening to SD and the podcast mentioned above.