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Hello Fellow Dropouts


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My name is Justin Odman and I am working towards dropping out of my 9-5 to chase the freedome of self-employment.
A little background:
I am 26 years old, i dropped out of college after 2 semesters. I am not a school oriented learner, i never have been. I always do and learn things better hands on which is what drove me to join the military. At 19 I joined the Airforce and recieved the culture shock of my life. After not making it through selection for Pararescue I was reclassed to Heavy Jet Mechanic (specifically c-130 turbo prop aircraft) which was my first mechanical job. I loved it. Its like one big puzzle that you can fly if you put it back together right. Skipping forward, despite my love for working on aircraft the military lifestyle didnt offer the freedom I felt I needed, so I opted out. I have since been jumping jobs trying to find where I fit and what I love.

I have found insight and knowledge that resonates with everything Ive been looking for in the Successful Dropout podcast and hope to bring my personal experience and journey to you in a way that brings value to our journey throughout this pursuit of something different!