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Happy holidays from the west coast!

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Hi, successful dropouts! I'm Elsa -- it's great to be here.

I was referred to the forum and the Facebook group by Blake Boles. My path to college was nontraditional; I did dual enrollment in community college during high school and then took 2 years off after high school to work and travel. I eventually went back to a great college in fall 2017 with the intent of finishing my BA and graduating in spring 2020.

Now, a year and a half away from my degree completion, I want out. I'm physically and mentally wrecked by burnout, and even though I've had some excellent professors and advisors, I am constantly frustrated by the slow and steady pace of college. I want to be earning money and doing meaningful work -- not spending an eye-popping amount on tuition to do work that feels meaningless. I'm taking a semester off to explore (and leaving open the possibility of not returning to college at all).

Stuff I'm good at/know about/find super interesting:

Personality/strengths assessments (I worked at my campus career center and am familiar with Strengths, Strong, MBTI, and Focus2)
Real estate (sales and development)
Corporate culture/HR
Interior design
Restaurant consulting

I'm a Southern California native and am based here, but also have roots in Seattle. Please feel welcome to hit me up to talk about any of these things!


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Hey Elsa and welcome to the forum! If you haven't already you should also find the SD group on Facebook which is sometimes more active. We would love to follow your journey. :)

You are on the right track. Keep questioning, and don't do anything simply out of peer or social pressure.

So you are taking a semester off to explore and you already have a good idea of your strengths/experience/natural curiosities...this is fantastic. Many people don't even make it that far down the path of self-discovery. haha. So...what is your next move? I assume you're not going to waste the semester exploring different Netflix titles...what's step one in this mini adventure?

Consider starting a thread in the follow along journey forum. Would love to stay updated on your journey and help where possible. I dropped out of college almost a decade ago and never looked back. One of the best decision of my life.