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Flex Circuits Made in China


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Membrane switch flex circuit designs typically feature three discreet layers. The top layer directs the user to the functionality beneath by way of printed graphics, this layer is commonly referred to as the graphic overlay. The next layer contains the printed circuit, including the domes and embedded electronics of the membrane switch, as well as the flat flexible tail and specified connector. Finally, the bottom layer is usually made of a pressure-sensitive adhesive with a removable liner, the customer typically installs the finished membrane switch on their device before final assembly and test. Membrane Switch and Panel has worked with a range of different industries designing and manufacturing the ideal membrane switch for our customer’s unique needs and specifications. If you feel a membrane switch solution would be appropriate for your user interface, contact us to assist in the design of the best membrane switch for your specific application.
Comparied with common flexible printed circuits, the Membrane Switches have some unique benefits:
· Environmentally Friendly
· Ease to Manufacture
· Cost Effective
· Cosmetic Appeal
· Design FlexibilityFlex Circuits Made in China