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Hey dropouts, I'm Corné * from Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

I'm not a dropout (I have a MSc. degree and all the student debt that goes along with it) but I wish I had been, because it was largely a tremendous waste of time. I'm married to an American, Katie, and although we moved to the Netherlands at first out of pragmatism, we're looking to move to the US at the end of 2018. More importantly, this is also when we're planning to launch our startup in the education space: OpenClassroom --> radius

My wife and I are both passionate about alternative forms of education, in particular self-directed education and apprenticeship-style learning and we have a vision to make this style of learning more accessible to the general public.

I found the Successful Dropouts podcast through Kylon's appearance on Isaac Morehouse's podcast. The main reason I'm here is to find likeminded people that can share some advice on how to start a business. I will try to add value to this group whenever and wherever I can. As someone who's been through the education system A-Z and working a corporate job as a consultant atm, I think I'm in a good position to tell you what sort of knowledge and skills are valuable in the corporate sphere, and how many of those valuable skills you actually learn in college (spoiler: not many).

Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions or if you'd like to connect

*For Anglophones: say core-nay with the emphasis on the last syllable. Thanks :p
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