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For the last month I've been working closely with someone in this community to turn over a significant amount of leadership in SD to them.

As my career accelerates, it's been difficult to dedicate the amount of time and effort necessary for Successful Dropout to continue to thrive at the level I know it's capable of.

Sure, I could just put in what energy I have left at the end of the day towards this community and things would probably be fine...but this community deserves a lot more than "fine"!

Successful Dropout has a significant destiny to fulfill, and I'll be damned if it misses that mark because I wasn't willing to share the responsibility with others.

This led me to search out a 50/50 partner in this endeavor. Someone who has been with the community since day one, someone who fully embodies the Successful Dropout philosophy, and someone who has an ambitious vision and a fire for this movement.

So, I'm extremely pleased to announce that Sam Watt will be taking a significant leadership role in Successful Dropout, and will be coming on board as we co-pilot this thing together!

Expect some communication in the near future, and if you personally want to be involved, we would love your help on such initiatives as the "Dropout Bible" and the "Things You Didn't Learn In School" course...as well as others! :)

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