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  1. Tommy Salmons

    The More I Learn, the Less I Know

    ... a phrase I've recently been using. I don't know if I'm the originator of the phrase, or if I heard it somewhere along the way. The more I think about it the more sense it makes to me, and hopefully I'm able to truly embody its meaning here in order for others to understand and use that...
  2. Tommy Salmons

    About My Mom: I thought this was appropriate

    Today, I have a cool story to share. I think this story will resonate with a lot of people. It’s a story about my mom, Beth, and it starts when she was a teenager living in a small Louisiana town known as Moss Bluff. In 1976 Beth was 13 years old. She was the third of four...
  3. Tommy Salmons

    Sales Copy

    I'm interested in learning how to write sales copy. Where is the best place to acquire this information? I wrote an ad for B to put on my podcast, but I'm certainly not a professional. I think I understand the basics, but I'd like to sell this service.
  4. Tommy Salmons

    Beatrix VA

    Beatrix had gotten here price sheet together, and it looks great.
  5. Tommy Salmons

    Business Name

    My wife and I are brainstorming on what to call her Virtual Assistant business. She's primarily starting out as administration, but will be taking courses to expand her skill set. Her name is Beatrix Burger. Any ideas?
  6. Tommy Salmons

    Stranger Encounters Podcast

    Today I recorded two interviews that went very well. One interview was with Brad Carl, an author and former radio personality, and the 2nd interview was with Zoë Marshall, an actress and blogger. We had a great time sharing experiences and I'm stoked about tomorrow's interview with Mance Rayder...
  7. Tommy Salmons

    Stranger Encounters Ep 1

    I have recorded my first podcast episode. It is a 15 min solo episode expressing my ideas. It will be published in September along with other episodes in which I'll be interviewing Kylon and comedian Eric Nimmer. Other episodes will include Scott Horton, Mance Rayder, and a few lesser known...
  8. Tommy Salmons

    Act Your Age

    I've lead a pretty rough life in 38 years. If I gave you all the details you'd probably be asking how I'm not a drug addict, homeless, or in prison. And honestly I can't give you a good reason why all of those things aren't true. I can however pinpoint a moment in which I decided to persevere...
  9. Tommy Salmons

    Looking for Guests

    Hey Dropouts, I'm preparing to begin interviewing people for a podcast I'm starting. The premise is people that have found individual freedom in their life. We'll discuss self determination, relationships, philosophies, how to find freedom, and any number of other details about the potential...
  10. Tommy Salmons

    Finding Guests for Podcast

    I'm nervous about running out of guests for my podcasts. I have 8 affirmative guests. What's the best way to conquer this? I was hoping to record 20 podcasts between June and July to give me a head start for release in August.