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  1. Sahil Vasava

    Online Learning roadmap for Remote Learners?

    Hello SD gang! Recently I posted about my project Remote Learners Club, a community of self-directed learners (Check out this thread). I have added one new feature to the website. You can create and share a roadmap for learning a particular subject with curated courses. So now whenever you want...
  2. Sahil Vasava

    ? Remote Learners Club is Live! ?

    Why Remote Learners Club? Have you ever signed up for 10 Udemy courses and never finished them? Have you ever decided to learn that new hot thing trending in the market but you never actually started? Did you ever quit learning something just because it got hard or maybe there was no one...
  3. Sahil Vasava

    Hello! I'm Sahil, a newbie indie maker.?

    I'm a 21-year-old, newbie indie maker?. I dropped out of college during the 5th semester, where I was pursuing computer science degree. I still love computer science but never got along with the education system, so that was the reason behind it. After dropping out, I discovered I love learning...