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  1. Kylon

    The question you should ask yourself every day

    Steve Jobs asked himself one question every single day: "If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?" If the answer is 'no' for too many days in a row, you know you need to change something. Stay hungry, stay foolish Successful Dropouts!
  2. Kylon


    ***BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!*** For the last month I've been working closely with someone in this community to turn over a significant amount of leadership in SD to them. As my career accelerates, it's been difficult to dedicate the amount of time and effort necessary for Successful Dropout to...
  3. Kylon

    Self Confidence Formula

    Self-Confidence Formula I know that I have the ability to achieve the object of my Definite Purpose in life, therefore, I DEMAND of myself persistent, continuous action toward it’s attainment, and I here and now promise to render such action. I realize that the dominating thoughts of my mind...
  4. Kylon

    What would you do with $37,500?

    What would you do with $37,500? ? That's the average yearly cost of earning a degree. Forget school. What kind of experiences could you have with $37,500 that would have a greater impact on your life than sitting in a classroom full of just-in-case learning? Our friends at Your Project X...
  5. Kylon

    Instead of finding your passion, try developing it.

    This study by Stanford is an interesting read. Instead of "finding your passion", try developing it. The belief that interests arrive fully formed and must simply be "found" is limiting. The phrase "find your passion" implies that once an interest resonates with you, pursuing it will be...
  6. Kylon

    The word “school” comes from the ancient Greek for “free time”

    Amazing article. Check it out!
  7. Kylon

    What are your favorite autobiographies?

    Hey all! If you listened to Episode 100 on the podcast, I mentioned that I want to start reading more autobiographies. Looking for suggestions from you guys! I'm already reading "Pour Your Heart Into It" by CEO of Starbucks. Thanks again @Schn17eck for that one!
  8. Kylon

    Job opportunity - remote work - social media advertising manager

    Hey Successful Dropouts, One of our sister companies is hiring. See details about the job here. Comment below if interested!
  9. Kylon

    We hit 600+ messages!

    This community just blows my mind ALL the time. They say forums are one of the hardest things to build...but we just barely launched and already so much engagement. Amazing. Also wanted to share a cool email I got today that showcases just how cool and impactful this group is. I get many of...
  10. Kylon

    My Daily Affirmations

    I have 10-15 daily personal affirmations that I have said, daily, out loud and with conviction for the past several years. These are also affirmation/personal value hybrids. Both expressing things that I believe and affirm about myself and also commanding the practice of my non-negotiable values...
  11. Kylon

    Should we add a live chat addon on this site?

    I was just thinking...I love coming onto the forum and seeing that some members are on at the same time...but I have this strong urge to want to chat live with you guys but I can't. I found an add on that could provide like a general chat room on the right hand side of the site for anyone to...
  12. Kylon

    What are you working on? Let's hear your answers!

    Would love to know what everyone is working. Provide links if you have any! I am working on: This forum and site, always lol PeerMotion - blockchain startup in the performance-based marketing space AffiliateFix - 93,000 member affiliate marketing forum There are a few other things but for...
  13. Kylon

    You have an opportunity to get a one way free ticket to Mars to be among the first colonists....

    Here is a question I asked in the SD Facebook Group that got some really interesting responses: You have an opportunity to get a one way free ticket to Mars to be among the first colonists. You can’t ever come back to earth. Take it or leave it?
  14. Kylon

    How to get sh*t done - sharing my Trello board!

    Yo, Just wanted to link to a FB live video I recorded awhile back on how my Trello board is set up. If you are looking for a slick system to organize all of your goals and tasks... Click Here
  15. Kylon

    Worrying sucks

    If there is one thing I wish I would have done less of in the past, it would be worrying. Worrying about finances. Worrying about what other people thought of me. Worrying about whether or not I was as successful as a friend or family member when they were my age. Worrying about the...
  16. Kylon

    Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome just asked to meet with me

    If you don't know who Pat Flynn is, see this. Long story short, Pat is a big deal and someone I've looked up to for years. It's because of him and two other influencers (Tim Ferris and John Lee Dumas) that I got into online business in the first place! I never thought I would be in a...
  17. Kylon

    My journey to accomplish 2018 goals...

    Below are just some of the goals I have for 2018. I'll update this thread on a semi-regular basis with my progress. Feel free to comment and leave feedback! Successful Dropout reach 50,000 members and earning 10k/mo AffiliateFix reach 200,000 members and me earning 10k/mo with AffiliateFix...
  18. Kylon

    In one sentence, why did you drop out of college?

    Curious to hear your answers!
  19. Kylon

    My top three book recommendations for 2018 for non-readers

    If you barely do any reading this least read these three books. They will change your life. 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  20. Kylon

    Excited to announce this brand new site and forum!

    This represents a turning point for this community. Now we see if we've got what it takes to keep the momentum and growth going. I'm certain we do! This will be a 'one stop shop' for the outliers, the innovators, the rebels, and those who dare to dream and act on their dreams. Here you can...