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  1. RecordBen

    Helping Businesses get the financing they need to make their dreams reality - The beginning

    Good Morning Dropouts!! Kylon has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and let you all in on my journey as I begin my entrepreneurial path, over the next couple of months I will continue to add updates, goals, challenges, and other experiences to this thread for you to follow along...
  2. RecordBen

    Starting a new business venture

    Hey Successful Dropouts, I am about to take the leap and drop out of the mainstream workforce! I am excited and confident in the new path, but as I am sure you all know that doesn't mean I am not still a little scared shitless at the thought of leaving my decently paying job. I am going to be...
  3. RecordBen

    A little bit about me

    Hey Guys, My name is Benjamin Record and I am currently working for a local credit union as a Marketing Specialist, in my words a Marketing Project Manager. I have been working here for almost two years and I am so ready for the next stage in life. I have been so driven and headstrong most of...