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  1. Teliah Gienger

    Question for Teliah. At your yoga studio, is it rare for men to take up this activity?

    Hey Terry! Sorry I'm just getting around to answering you! First of all, I'm stoked you found this group. I'm getting caught up on your questions and thoughts. Also, so stoked you asked about yoga! This is my life and I love when people ask questions. :) Yes, you'll see yoga targeted more...
  2. Teliah Gienger

    Passive Income vs Manual Labor

    Oh yea, for sure! A huge imbalance and there is no room in the school system for natural disposition or curiosity.
  3. Teliah Gienger

    What does it take to lead

    Oh man...I've been a part of a company like that too. Not a good culture. That's another great question that we have actually been talking about too. Because on one's not realistic to stay connected 1-1 with everyone especially in a larger company but then with that does the...
  4. Teliah Gienger

    Te's 2018 Goals :)

    I guess I should give an update! :) Hire a manager for Renu We have a manager and she's kickass! She loves making systems and loves implementing them. Absolutely love her! Finalize all Renu systems by September 2018 We are working on these, but we are working with a business coach for...
  5. Teliah Gienger

    Helping Businesses get the financing they need to make their dreams reality - The beginning

    hahaha desk porn. Awesome goals Ben! @RecordBen what's the update here?
  6. Teliah Gienger

    radius - open marketplace for real life learning

    Super exciting Corne!!! :) Also, love the article and YES to a book. FOR SURE.
  7. Teliah Gienger

    Chasing the (Healthcare) Dream

    This is so impressive Andrew! Super proud of you!
  8. Teliah Gienger

    Exciting news

    I love the home-cooked meal part! Something so simple can be a great way to celebrate!!
  9. Teliah Gienger

    Entrepreneur Path

    I would love to see @Kylon and @cvans vlogs!!
  10. Teliah Gienger

    My 2018 Journey

    Good point!
  11. Teliah Gienger

    My 2018 Journey

    That's a great plan so far! I love it! :) I think your next step would be to get a couple prototypes maybe and then do a group study. We do that when launching new products at the juice bar and then ask questions like: "Do you like the taste, would you pay for that?" but with some questions that...
  12. Teliah Gienger

    In one sentence, why did you drop out of college?

    Nice! I like working through challenges like that as well!
  13. Teliah Gienger

    What would you do with $37,500?

    Those are some great things to do Tommy! :)
  14. Teliah Gienger

    Instead of finding your passion, try developing it.

    I like the word "develop" over "find" in regards to passion, because like you said, it gives you back the control. It empowers you to build something or create something instead of "waiting" for the passion to find you. It requires action!
  15. Teliah Gienger

    Stranger Encounters Ep 1

    I don't know if this helps, but I always had to upload the music file to iTunes, convert it and then load it into audacity. @Kylon or @skygienger might have an idea? Sky is the master with audio. :)
  16. Teliah Gienger

    What does it take to lead

    This is gold. @Chelann Gienger and I were just talking about the "trust but verify" action with our business partners and with our managing team. It can be a hard one to act on but also a hard one to communicate and empower.
  17. Teliah Gienger

    Passive Income vs Manual Labor

    Ooooh! Good points! I like how you brought up the point of "it's ok to not know how to do something" That was something I had to learn when we first opened our brick and mortars. I'd get frustrated because I didn't understand something completely. Truth is, I just needed to understand it...
  18. Teliah Gienger

    Passive Income vs Manual Labor

    I don't know if I think the two perspectives are in opposition. I think maybe some of the younger generation may believe so, but I don't. I think that comes from how I grew up though. My dad has always done manual labor for work and I loved going to work with him! I think we should know how to...