Hey Guys,

My name is Benjamin Record and I am currently working for a local credit union as a Marketing Specialist, in my words a Marketing Project Manager. I have been working here for almost two years and I am so ready for the next stage in life. I have been so driven and headstrong most of my life, always in a hurry to grow up, that I think I hurt myself from learning to embrace more risks in life. I have always wanted to be successful, but I always scoffed at doing it on my own, thinking to myself "Who am I to reinvent the wheel, I'll just help run someone else's company.." but the thing is... something changed in me. I know I want more and that I am willing to take the leap, and risk it all because I believe in myself and my fear of being broke. :ROFLMAO:

Anyway, here is a bit more about my background:
- Grew up in Selah WA
- Loves the Outdoors, photography, hiking, camping
- Graduated from Central Washington University with Bachelor's in Business Administration with a double specialization in Leadership Administration and Human Resource Management
- 5 siblings
- Just bought my first property
- I spent a year in Ireland doing Youth Ministry
- I have worked in a Winery
- I have survived a Semi Wreck

Skills/Stuff I do:
- Project Management
- Digital Marketing
- Photographer (Weddings & Family/Individual Portraits)
- Experience Consulting
- Business Loan Brokering / Commercial Real Estate Lending
- Project Management
- Digital Marketing

I am excited to get involved and seek help from you all as I develop and grow on this journey of life that we are all on. If anyone would like to connect or learn anything more about me please don't hesitate to reach out!

Aim Higher!

Ben Record
May 20
Yakima WA




Aim Higher



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