Holly is the founder of Pixc.com which helps e-commerce stores optimize their products images to ultimately increase their online sales and allow the store owners to focus more on running their business.

Holly has a background in eCommerce, online marketing, graphic design, and outsourcing. She’s worked with businesses in Australia and internationally to build their online presence through online marketing. In 2014 and 2015 she was named one of Australia’s top 50 entrepreneurs under 40 and in 2016 was listed as a Forbes 30 under 30 Asia emerging entrepreneur to watch in the e-commerce and retail space.

Time Stamped Notes

  • 00:12 Kylon’s Intro
  • 01:22 Holly’s intro & bio
  • 02:00 Pixc’s Funding & Revenue
  • 02:47 Consequences of investors
  • 03:50 Business attachment
  • 04:35 Holly’s background
  • 07:10 The decision to leave school
  • 09:02 Friends & family – reaction to dropping out
  • 10:40 Advice for reassuring friends & family
  • 10:55 Mistakes
  • 12:20 Know your skills/ Value proposition
  • 13:48 Holly’s perspective on US Universities
  • 16:30 First months after dropping out
  • 17:40 The need for experience
  • 18:25 Taking advantage of ideas
  • 19:20 Holly’s background in eCommerce
  • 20:30 More on Holly & eCommerce
  • 23:00 Holly found her niche with Pixc
  • 24:40 Problems are incentive
  • 27:45 Pixc’s services
  • 30:22 Holly’s worst entrepreneurial moment
  • 33:00 Lead tech engineer (not CTO)
  • 34:25 AHA! moment
  • 36:25 Holly’s advice to a younger Holly
  • 37:25 Personal habits for success
  • 37:55 What is success?
  • 40:30 Passion as a key to success
  • 43:00 Holly’s advice for potential dropouts
  • 46:35 How Holly reaches out to advisors
  • 47:59 Outro

4 Key Points

  • Make as many mistakes as you can while you’re young – it’s the best time to learn through your mistakes – rather than learning down the road when those mistakes carry a greater impact on your life
  • Becoming involved leads to problems, and problems are the biggest opportunity for advancements and ideas. Use your expertise to find and solve problems
  • Take risks. Risk takers develop more experience in a shorter amount of time, which contributes to more discerning risk-taking in the future
  • Be adaptable – in other words, the ability to manage your response to change

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