Sam is a serial entrepreneur and visionary leader with the keen ability to transform emerging market opportunities into highly successful ventures.

He established Blue Collar Scholars in 2013, hiring college students to perform much-needed tasks in their local communities. Earning well over 1k a day within two years of operation, Sam channeled these funds to develop Scholar App Studios, a mobile app development company. He then went on to create Sam Forline Consulting a viral marketing, consulting, and website development company.

Some of his other accomplishments include him and his team promoting a paid app to the number two spot on Apple iTunes, and he also served as Director of Organizations against ALS and was largely responsible for the success of the viral Ice Bucket Challenge movement.

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Time Stamped Notes

  • 00:33 – Kylon’s introduction
  • 02:40 – Started out going door to door asking for yard work
  • 04:15 – Came up with the idea for Blue Collar Scholars
  • 04:56 – Sam talks about why he dropped out of college
  • 06:12 – Was partying too much, felt shame…what do I do now? Created a blank canvas.
  • 09:00 – There is so much opportunity out there!
  • 10:55 – How sam’s friends and family reacted to him dropping out
  • 15:31 – Find something you can make money quickly with. Sam started soccer for $50/hour. The best way to prove yourself to the people that don’t believe in you is to make money that week.
  • 16:20 – You can say whatever you want, but what counts is that you take action and DO IT!
  • 17:00 – Business is a practice, you won’t learn by thinking about something or just putting pen to paper, you need take action!
  • 20:05 – Sam shares what he did the first several month after he dropped out.
  • 22:20 – Quickly learned that it’s hard to focus on multiple things at once especially if they are startups.
  • 26:20 – Sam shares his worst entrepreneurial moment.
  • 29:42 – Sam shares a lightbulb moment he had.
  • 30:25 – Shares how he differentiated himself from the competition…and it paid off!
  • 35:34 – Sam shares a personal habit that contributes to his success.
  • 39:40 – What makes people truly happy is the relationships they have throughout their life.
  • 42:00 – Get off all social media for a week.
  • 47:09 – Advice for anyone who is thinking of dropping out
  • 50:00 – Best way to connect with Sam

3 Key Points

  1. You can say or think whatever you want, but that won’t get you anywhere. You have to take ACTION and DO IT.
  2. You should fear failure enough so that it motivates you, but not so much that it paralyzes you.
  3. It’s hard to focus on multiple things at once especially if they are startups. FOCUS.

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