63: Entrepreneurship can be learned – the importance of experimenting with Sean Kim


Sean Kim is the CEO of Rype, one of the world’s leading language learning platforms, and the founder of The Growth List, a media company focused on helping you become your best self. He is also a Columnist on Inc. and a contributor to Fast Company, Observer, TIME, and a few other publications.

Sean shared a ton of value in this episode – no doubt a result of his wide array of entrepreneurial ups and downs. He has an incredible perspective on entrepreneurship and living unconventionally that I think you will enjoy. Here are some of the things Sean and I talked about

  • Sean’s story – from first business to broke, stranded and homeless
  • Journeyed to Argentina and doubled his money!
  • The importance of experimenting – figuring out who you are and what you are good at
  • Transferable skills and career capital
  • What are your unique strengths? What are your competitive advantages?
  • How to win 30 consulting gigs in 30 days
  • Looking for that one thing that works out of twenty or thirty things you try and fail at.
  • Using pressure as a tool
  • Entrepreneurship can be learned! Handling pressure can be learned!
  • Hiking the Inca Trail (both Sean and I did it!)
  • About Rype – learning languages!
  • Advice for future dropouts and current dropouts



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