11: Dropping out to build a startup that could be acquired by Facebook or Snapchat with Jonathan Lacoste



Jonathan Lacoste is the COO and co-founder of Jebbit, a digital marketing platform focused on post click engagement allowing marketers to create mobile interactive content. He was also the youngest person on the Forbes 30 under 30 2015 list. He has been a guest speaker at numerous events and conferences including Ad Week Europe and North America, Digi Day’s Agency Summit, the NAB Digital Futures Summit, and 4A’s Transformational Summit. In his spare time, Jonathan is also a frequent marathon runner.

Time Stamped Notes

  • 00:35 Kylon’s intro
  • 01:18 Jonathan tells us a bit more about himself
  • 02:02 What is Jebbit?
  • 07:10 Jonathan’s dropout story
  • 10:00 How he got the idea for Jebbit
  • 11:58 Generating revenue while still in school?
  • 14:30 How did his friends and family react to him dropping out?
  • 16:45 Advice on what to do with friends or family who don’t support your decision to drop out
  • 18:40 Biggest fear dropping out
  • 20:20 What did the first several months look like after dropping out?
  • 21:00 Don’t lose your sense of ergency after you drop out!
  • 22:50 How does Jebbit generate money right now?
  • 24:05 Will Jebbit be acquired in the future?
  • 25:50 Jonathan’s worst entrepreneurial moment and what did he learn
  • 29:10 AH HA moments
  • 32:50 What would older Jonathan tell younger Jonathan?
  • 36:00 Personal habit that contributes to Jonathan’s success
  • 37:32 Quality that Jonathan has that he considers essential to being an entrepreneur
  • 38:56 Recommended book
  • 40:15 Recommended internet resource
  • 41:45 Advice for people thinking about dropping out
  • 44:07 Advice for people who have already dropped out
  • 46:10 Best way people can connect with Jonathan

4 Key Points

  • After you drop out, don’t lose your sense of urgency because you all of a sudden have much more time on your hands. Keep things moving fast, make quick decisions.
  • Continue to be reflective on what is going right and what is going wrong. Keep doing the things that are going right, and change or adjust the things that are going wrong.
  • Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there in situations with groups that you don’t feel like you belong with. Just be a good listener and share your ideas because more than likely everyone is trying to answer the same questions you are.
  • If you’re trying to start a company or trying to do something new. Instead of trying to pitch to investors and customers the product or the tool that you created. You have to pitch them WHY it matters. Get them to buy into the mission and the belief of the company. This applies to fund raising, hiring, getting customers etc.

Resources Mentioned


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