Brett Fox is the co-founder of an online photography school, Photzy helps photographers understanding and control their cameras so that they can produce memorable and share-worthy shots that they are proud to share with their friends and their family. Over the last 3 years Photzy has grown to over 80,000 students online students with a yearly revenue of 500k. The entire team is remote, allowing Brett to travel and live anywhere in the world. Right now he lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Time Stamped Notes

  • 00:55 Kylon’s intro
  • 01:30 Brett tells us a bit more about himself
  • 02:17 Brett is a ghost
  • 02:50 What is
  • 04:30 How do you maintain a healthy culture for a remote team?
  • 07:00 Thailand is a fantastic and affordable place to live!
  • 11:25 Brett tells his drop out story
  • 14:09 How did his friends and family react?
  • 18:03 Advice for anyone who’s parents aren’t supportive of them dropping out
  • 21:30 Guys walks past Brett during interview and he describes what he sees. ūüėČ
  • 25:30 “Follow your passion” is not always the best advice
  • 28:25 A big turning point for Brett
  • 32:00 Becoming a “calculator warrior”
  • 34:00 Brett goes in 50/50 on Photzy
  • 37:17 How Brett generates revenue
  • 41:16 Brett’s worst entrepreneurial moment (involves sex, drugs, and rock n roll!)
  • 48:27 Brett’s lightbulb moment
  • 49:30 What would current Brett tell younger Brett?
  • 51:22 Brett’s morning routine
  • 59:00 What’s the next big goal?
  • 01:01:40 Advice for anyone thinking about dropping out
  • 01:03:20 Advice for those who have already dropping out
  • 01:04:22 Best way for people to connect with Brett

4 Key Points

  • You hear the phrase “follow your passion” a lot. Following your passion alone is not always recipe for success.
  • If you can, work for a fast growing company in the early stages. (A great resource to do this is
  • Get experience selling something. Being able to sell is an integral skill to being an entrepreneur.
  • Spend time thinking about what you REALLY want. Don’t just write some arbitrary goal like, “I want to be a millionaire”.

Resources Mentioned

  • – Brett’s website
  •¬†– Messaging app for teams
  • Nomad List¬†– Perfect resource for anyone who makes a living online is looking for an awesome place to live!
  • 4 Hour Workweek¬†– New to audible? Get your first book free here!
  •¬†– Great tools and resources for anyone in online marketing!


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