10 Things You Should Do During COVID-19

INTRO:  I just wanted to quickly share some principles for uncertain times from Dan Sullivan (who, if you’re not familiar, is maybe one of the best entrepreneurship coaches there is). He wrote this during 9/11, and has reposted it a few times over the years when things get really tough. I enjoyed it as a … Read More

Evergreen Content: The Importance Of Article Age

If you wake up to numerous friends and colleagues sharing news articles on Facebook every morning, you may have already noticed the powerful ability of news to spread (and fast). However, the downside of news is its tendency to age or ‘die’ in a matter of days. Evergreen Content Can Provide A Base Traffic Source … Read More

The Value of Apprenticeships in 2019

We are familiar with this rhythm of life. Finish school, get a degree, work until you’re 65, then retire. This is the package that society promotes us to take. It supports the government and gives you a relatively balanced life with a stable income and enough money to get by. In the past this was arguably … Read More

Creating A Vivid Vision

“You can’t do it unless you can imagine it.” ~ George Lucas Just wanted to remind you how important it is to take the time to dream, to imagine, and to create a vivid vision in your mind of the future you desire. It’s tempting to get caught up in doing things and taking action … Read More

Letting Go Of Desire And Being Fully Present

How rare is it for us to give our complete attention to anything and be fully present in each moment? We are prone to spending the great majority of our days in internal monologues of worry, fear, jealousy, future plans, and self-criticism. Even when we are talking with others we are rehearsing our answers, worrying … Read More

Learning How to Learn

 Learning how to learn If you have been following my writings for a little while, you know I don’t have much good to say about the school system. Nothing, really. In previous articles, I have demonstrated how you have forgotten almost everything you were made to study in school and how you most likely picked up a destructive mindset and terrible … Read More

Spend Less Time Worrying

If there is one thing I wish I would have done less of in the past, it would be worrying. Worrying about finances. Worrying about what other people thought of me. Worrying about whether or not I was as successful as a friend or family member when they were my age. Worrying about the future…in … Read More

Build your own dream.

Why build someone else’s dream? Build your own. To build a business is one of the most fulfilling challenges you can take on. Not only can it potentially provide you with a lifestyle that you love full of time and financial freedom, it can positively affect other people’s lives and the world! As Steve Jobs … Read More

What is wrong with our society today. Written by Daniel Vu

We have delayed adulthood and maturity in our educational institutions. The very institutions that’s suppose to be for individual growth is the root cause of delayed growth. Sit at any dinner table of an average family (if a family even has time for dinner together , let alone having meaningful conversations) with kids going through … Read More

How the school system ruins you.

How school ruins people and how it has probably ruined you too It is commonly thought that kids need to go through the school system to acquire essential skills and basic common knowledge, preparing them for life as a functioning adult in society. The reality is, however, that you have forgotten almost all the information you were … Read More