8: How to skip college and build a 7-figure business using the power of FOCUS with Michael Fisk



After deciding to skip college, Michael Fisk founded Photoboxx, an event based photo activation company that released one of the first Instagram printers in the world. Photboxx built it’s foundation in the hashtag printing industry and has quickly become a product used internationally by some of the world largest brands including Harley Davidson, Coca-Cola, TGI Fridays, Teen Vogue and Acura. This new startup has inspired thousands of fans to engage with their favorite brands on social media. This guy is a rockstar of a Successful Dropout, a serial entrepreneur with a passion for business and for his wife and three daughters.

Time Stamped Notes

  • 00:55 Kylon’s intro
  • 01:30 Michael tells us a little bit more about himself
  • 02:33 What is Photoboxx
  • 06:10 Michael shares his dropout story and why he decided to skip college
  • 14:48 Advice for how to communicate with parents about dropping out
  • 16:36 Michael talks about what he did for the first year after skipping college
  • 20:19 No focus, chasing every opportunity
  • 21:00 No money, so panhandled on the street!
  • 23:00 Started to zero in on a career – something to focus on long term
  • 26:20 Committed to photography business for two years and said no everything else
  • 28:00 Transition from photography business to founding Photoboxx
  • 30:00 How Michael generates revenue
  • 33:00 Michael’s worst entrepreneurial moment
  • 34:10 AH HA moment
  • 36:24 What current Michael would tell past Michael
  • 40:17 Personal habit that contributes to Michael’s success
  • 44:11 Recommended book
  • 44:41 Quality that Michael consider’s essential to being an entrepreneur
  • 45:00 Recommended internet resource
  • 46:00 Michael’s next big goal
  • 47:00 Advice for those who are considering dropping out
  • 52:00 Advice for those who have already dropped out
  • 54:07 Best way to connect to Michael

4 Key Points

  • No matter what position or job you have, do it to the best of your abilities!
  • Focus is key. Learn to say no to opportunity. Stop committing to multiple things at once and moving on if they aren’t showing promise after six months. Define your Be, Do and Have, then commit to one direction for at least two years, saying no to everything else even if it’s an enticing opportunity.
  • If you want to build a scalable business, learn how to work with people and build and lead a team.
  • Embrace the low points, because there is a lot to learn during those seasons, and ultimately it’s just another step towards success. Also, often times, the best opportunities will come when you are experiencing your greatest challenges.

Resources Mentioned


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