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Isaac is an entrepreneur, thinker, and communicator dedicated to the relentless pursuit of freedom, and an advocate of self directed learning and living. He is the founder and CEO of Praxis, an intensive nine-month program combining a paid apprenticeship at a startup with personal coaching, professional development projects, and interdisciplinary education leading directly to a full time job offer for those who want more than college.

He is the author of six books, and he is also is the host of The Isaac Morehouse Podcast where he talks about education, entrepreneurship, big ideas, how to put them into practice and how to live free.

When he’s not with his wife and kids or traveling the country he’s smoking cigars, playing guitar or watching sports.

Time Stamped Notes

  • 02:40 Intro
  • 03:35 Isaac tells us more about himself
  • 05:10 Isaac isn’t a dropout!
  • 10:30 Signaling theory of education
  • 13:45 Is there an education bubble?
  • 15:50 How did you come up with the idea for Praxis?
  • 23:30 Turning the Praxis idea into reality
  • 27:20 Overview of the Praxis program
  • 30:50 Who is Praxis for?
  • 32:50 Who should drop out of college and who should stay in?
  • 36:30 Advice for anyone who’s parents don’t support their decision to opt-out of college
  • 40:33 What would older Isaac tell younger Isaac?
  • 45:30 Personal habit that contributes to Isaac’s success
  • 46:17 Trait that Isaac considers essential to being an entrepreneur
  • 46:23 Book recommendation
  • 46:42 Advice for students who are thinking of dropping out but haven’t yet
  •  47:22 Advice for people who have already dropped out
  • 48:09 Best way to get ahold of Isaac

4 Key Points

  • The burden of proof should be absolutely flipped. You had better have a damn good reason to go to college, because it’s really expensive, it’s really long, and it fosters a lot of bad habits that you will have to overcome later in life.
  • The things that you do differently, the times that you don’t follow common advice, are probably the times where you’re most likely to get the best and most results.
  • Don’t do stuff you hate.
  • If an alien race came down to visit and walked into a typical college classroom and you asked them, “what do you think you’re observing” they would probably say “a penal colony”.

Resources Mentioned

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