58: How to hack systems and bad habits with Maneesh Sethi


The epitome of what it means to be a life hacker, Maneesh Sethi went to travel the world using hacked plane tickets shortly after graduating from Stanford University. He created his website, Hack the System, with the intention of showing his readers how to achieve the lifestyle of their dreams (and teaching them how to get free plane tickets). His latest project, Pavlok, is a little magical haptic feedback wearable that helps train habits, improve athletic performance, and train learning. Know more about Maneesh and Pavlok here (pavlok.com).

I had a great time talking with Maneesh…the dude has done a lot, to say the least. It’s clear that his passion lies in hacking well established systems that few people attempt to hack themselves or even think of hacking. Education, credit cards, music, fitness, habits…he seems to have a hack for it all. Maneesh is definitely the epitome of an unconventional thinker and doer…you’ll also love his stories and experiences. Heck, I looked up his youtube channel and there was a video of him and Tim Ferriss slapping each other. Haha.

We talk about:

  • Maneesh became a famous DJ in Berlin in 3 months
  • Hiring people from Craigslist to slap you when you get distracted from your work
  • How to hack credit cards and get free miles
  • Maneesh creating the Pavlok shocking wristband that tracks and eliminates bad habits.
  • Pharmaceutical system is in disrepair
  • The philosophy of money and why Maneesh doesn’t believe in money



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