Matt is originally ​from the Rocky Mountains in Idaho and​ moved to ​Miami after founding Daycation and leaving school at B​rown Univesity. The goal was to get closer to the hotels ​Daycation was partnering with to begin building the company. Matt worked in hotels growing up in Idaho and always had a passion for architecture and hospitality.  Matt left school after his first year at Brown where he took courses in economics, urban studies, math, business and philosophy.

I loved chatting with Matt and hearing his story. From the early days of building a startup, to dropping out of college, to hitting rock bottom (literally sleeping on rocks!)…it’s a familiar and inspiring story for many of us. I especially loved talking with Matt about acting from first principles…this is a habit you need to get into!

​Some lessons:

  1. Don’t give up even when the going gets really painful. I think perseverance is often overlooked as a key trait to success in entrepreneurship, lots of people quit too early.
  2. ​Enjoy the ride. Finding a mix or “balance” is important to keeping mentally and physically healthy, and also helps when keeping track of timeline.​
  3. ​Go for it. Overthinking will lead to inaction.
  4. Surround yourself with people who have the “skills” or traits you’d like to emphasize in yourself. Hint: You will be spending a lot of time with your Co-Founders.
  5. Get to ramen profitable asap to have more peace of mind which will help in avoiding a scramble for investor dollars.



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