You don’t have to go into debt and put your life on hold for years to get skills…


“The only skill that will be important in the 21st century is the skill of learning new skills. Everything else will become obsolete over time.”

– Peter Drucker


Just 36% of 32,585 currently enrolled college students are “confident” that they will graduate from college “with knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the workplace” (source: Strada-Gallup Survey).

Are you freaking kidding me? That’s ridiculous.

If you are on this page, you are more than likely in that 36% who feel like they aren’t getting the skills in college that they need to thrive in the outside world.

It’s certainly frustrating that the one place that is advertised to propel you successfully into the job market (college), is failing us so miserably.

Luckily, it’s not 1999 anymore and college isn’t the only place to learn valuable skills…in fact it’s pretty far down there on the list.

It’s never been more convenient or necessary to learn valuable career skills than in this current day and age!

First of all, you can learn almost anything through a myriad of different websites and courses online. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, social media and other online platforms like Successful Dropout allow you to quickly network with the people and opportunities you need to excel.

It’s important that you are constantly learning, challenging yourself, and picking up new skills.

Employment is changing. Building business is changing. No longer can you pick just one skillset and career path that you stay on for 30-40 years until you retire. The world is moving too fast now. Technology is progressing at an increasing rate. The job market is constantly changing.

It used to be the case that you could pick a major in college and reasonably expect to transition to and work a job in that same field for years…but that reality is fading fast! In your life you will have to be FAR more adaptive than your parents and grandparents were during their careers.

Many of the jobs that exist today will be obsolete in the next 5-10 years. And there are thousands of jobs and career paths that you don’t even know about right now that will emerge in the near future. In fact many members of the SD community are in jobs and career paths right now that didn’t exist when they were in school.  

Because of all these factors, it’s important that you foster a love of continual learning, and that you are constantly pursuing and adapting to new skills.

Another unfortunate result of these factors, is that formal schooling is struggling to keep up:

So let’s say you want to be a software developer, and that you have chosen this career path.

Option 1) You can go to college, spend thousands of dollars, take a bunch of unrelated but required classes and four years later start building your portfolio and talking with potential employers.


Option 2) You can spend $100 on an online course tomorrow, network with and join a community of others who are learning the same skills, start working on actual projects and building your portfolio in a few months, and within a year or less (if you are really applying yourself) you could be talking with potential employers for entry level developer jobs. No student debt, no wasted time, more real world skills, years ahead of your peers.

It’s a no brainer.

If you are an option 2 kind of person, you’ve found the right place.

Successful Dropout can help you connect with the right people and resources to learn whatever skill you desire to possess.

Let’s go!


The Successful Dropout forum is where the whole community hangs out. Whether you are just starting your journey, or you are well into it, you will find many who are right where you are.

There’s an entire section of the forum dedicated to all the things you never learned in school. In addition, you will find all sorts of creative and unconventional ways to a variety of skills.

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There are a ton of great organizations that help you get skills and build careers in many different industries without a college degree. Here are just a few that we endorse:


UnCollege offers programs that help students identify areas of interest, accelerate their learning, and be happy at the next stage in life.


Udemy has courses on any subject you can imagine. It quite literally makes paying for college lectures and textbooks an archaic thing of the past. Start learning now!


Learn to code interactively, for free. Enough said?


More coming soon!