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Musings on leadership as an introvert... Build the best systems you can - "so easy a monkey can do it", take the longer road of putting everything in writing ahead of time to avoid confusion (the written word is your friend), realize you may not come across so smoothly as your extraverted peers. That is alright. Leadership-by-overkill can also win championships.
Planning to take a leave of absence after my 3rd year of uni to start a startup (2019)

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I have to admit guys, I'm tireddd and my willpower bank is runnin pretty low. But I had to step back and remind myself: to not have the "I have to" mindset, but more of the "I get to" mindset. This week I *get to* have the opportunity to work hard with an awesome group to choreograph, perform, direct, and produce a new dance video. Despite the stress, that's pretty amazing. Keep killin it out there fam!
I'm in the same boat in several different ways. There is so much going on right now and I'm getting a bit overwhelmed. But honestly, looking back over my life at all the other times I've felt this way and just kept pushing forward and doing my's always turned out for the better! Somehow, it's always taken me to the next level.

You're thinking about it right! Life is always happening FOR you, not to you.
Teliah Gienger
Teliah Gienger
This is such a great reminder. :) I "get" to mindset is powerful and just what I needed to push through the afternoon slump. ;) Thanks April!
Wondering out loud here a bit - how ambitious is the right amount of ambition? Too much can be paralyzing, not enough is self-evident. Maybe being realistic is just a bad idea all around. Just so long as you can live with the consequences.
IMO, depends on what your goals are...what kind of results you want in life. Big results require big ambitions. I tend to naturally fall into being very realistic about things...which is a strength, but can def paralyze you and lead to pessimism at your worst. So I sprinkle my realistic thinking with a healthy dose of (sometimes blind) optimism. It's taken awhile to learn how to do that.