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Weekly Top 10 Purposeful Jobs Listing: week of Sept 12, 2018

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from internships to jobs requiring around 4 years experience

1. LEADERSHIP PROGRAM: Build your consulting, social entrepreneurship, empathy, and design thinking skills while solving "wicked" problems in NYC and Guatemala as a participant in the only multi-country internship @CAREER X — NYC & Guatemala

2. REMOTE-FRIENDLY: Develop your entrepreneurial and creative skills by joining a two-person startup designing immersive 4-7 day apprenticeships with master artists and craftsmen around the world as the guest experience coordinator @Vacation With An Artist — NYC

3. Develop your partnership and experiential marketing skills as Marketing Manager at the first consumer brand in the world to sell products exclusively via text message @Dirty Lemon — NYC

4. Hone your creative and digital media skills in the service of preserving humanity's stories to build connections among strangers as Associate Manager of digital communications @StoryCorps — NYC

5. Deepen your communication skills by creating content to engage donors who support the tutoring, mentoring and holistic needs of students in schools @City Year — Boston

opportunities for those with more than 4 years of experience

1. Hone your partnership, organizational development, and strategic implementation skills as the Director of Diversity and Belonging @AirBnB — SF

2. Master your event management, partnership, and community development skills as the community programming manager @WeWork — NYC

3. Expand your organizational and human development skills building the talented team working on the @Nuclear Threat Initiative as the newly-created Human Resource Director — Washington, DC

4. Take the helm as Executive Director to build strategic relationships and make an immediate impact on the organization transforming our education systems to prepare globally competent young adults @WorldSavvy — SF

5. Develop your strategic, analytical, and growth-hacking skills as the growth marketing manager at the company building a multi-purpose community space for women @The Wing — NYC

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