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Weekly Top 10 Purposeful Jobs Listing: week of July 16, 2018

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After lots of research and interviews with our community, we've selected the following criteria - we call them PURPOSE SPARKS - when evaluating jobs for meaning and impact. We use these criteria to handpick the jobs in our weekly listings. More details here.


from internships to jobs requiring around 4 years experience

1. Enjoy unique working hours - early bird or night owl shifts - developing your customer service and operational skills at this innovative food company @ Foodkick - NYC

2.INTERNSHIP: Hone your social entrepreneurial spirit while trying to solve global problems as an intern @ Ashoka - Arlington, Virginia

3. Deepen your storytelling skills and create copy and videos for food, home, design, travel and beyond @ Food52 - NYC

4. Alaska is calling - Strengthen your communication and narrative skills as a driver and tour guide @ Alaskatour - Alaska

5. Deepen your product design and collobaration skills while growing the opportunities for one of the hottest podcast-inspired audio companies @ Anchor - NYC
opportunities for those with more than 4 years of experience

1. Develop your product management skills and lead a dynamic, fast-paced, and entrepreneurial team looking to bring solar financing to the masses @ Mosaic - Oakland, CA

2. Amplify the changemaker message by leading communications and strategic media partnerships @ Ashoka - Arlington, Virginia

3. Develop impactful marketing stories, train business development staff and be part of a pioneering platform to improve people’s health and quality of life @ Quartet - NYC

4. Speechwriting, thought leadership, and internal communications strategy - stretch your strategic communication skills at an organization tackling global social challenges @ Future Laboratories LLC - NYC

5. Build the brand success story and the global awareness strategy for existing and future initiatives for a firm ranked #1 workplace @ Greenhouse - NYC

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