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Weekly Top 10 Purposeful Jobs Listing: week of August 28, 2018

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After lots of research and interviews with our community, we've selected the following criteria - we call them PURPOSE SPARKS - when evaluating jobs for meaning and impact. We use these criteria to handpick the jobs in our weekly listings. More details here.


from internships to jobs requiring around 4 years experience

1. PART-TIME: Develop your brand management, writing, and social media skills as the communications assistant to an organization working to eradicate unconscious racial and gender bias @Be More — NYC

2. Use your data analysis skills to help this biotech food company at the “bleeding” edge of designing meat substitutes make better decisions @Impossible Foods — Redwood City, CA

3. Grow your visual design, user research and collaboration skills as the Associate Product Designer at the company tackling the substitute teacher shortage @Swing Education — San Mateo, CA

4. Develop your interviewing, training and recruitment skills as the human resources coordinator at the most famous performing arts school in America @The Juilliard School – NYC

5. APPRENTICESHIP: Love art and traveling the world by boat? Apprentice as a professional public speaker and auctioneer, building skills from sales to entrepreneurship @Park West Gallery — the High Seas!
opportunities for those with more than 4 years of experience

1. Deepen your entrepreneurial, program design and partnership skills to launch STEAM, a new hub for training high school students in high demand fields at @Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Organization — Brooklyn, NY

2. Develop grant-making strategies, implement programs, evaluate their impact and collaborate with donors as the Associate Director of Strategy at the consulting firm dedicated to high-impact philanthropy @Arabella Advisors — Washington DC

3. Enhance your design thinking and prototyping skills helping create new products and proof-of-concepts for emerging technologies as a product designer for @First Principle — Brooklyn, NY

4. Take your strategic communication skills to the next level as the director of marketing and communications highlighting the power of data to solve local government challenges @What Works Cities — NYC

5. Lead supply chain planning at the bakery which pioneered social justice employment practices @Greyston Bakery – Yonkers, NY

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