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Weekly Top 10 Purposeful Jobs from Your Project X

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Hi All - Kylon and I have collaborated on a number of podcasts together and I launched a unique summer program we posted about in the forums called CAREER X Social Enterprise (where folks came down to Guatemala for the summer to help us launch a new impactful business from scratch) . Now we have a weekly list of 10 unique jobs. I'll post it every week, take a look!
Discover Jobs To Discover Yourself

After lots of research and interviews with our community, we've selected the following criteria - we call them THE X-FACTORS - when evaluating jobs for meaning and impact. We use these criteria to handpick the jobs in our weekly listings. More details here.

We 've heard from many of you that you have "some" job experience and / or have friends and family with more experience that would love this purposeful newsletter. So we 've added 5 jobs for roles requiring more than 4 years experience. Send us your thoughts!


from internships to jobs requiring around 4 years experience

1. Develop your leadership skills while educating children in outdoors activities @ The outdoor school - Marble Falls, TX

2. FELLOWSHIP: Train India's students to become the next generation of ethical, action-oriented global leaders @ Junior Achievement - Gurgaon, India

3. INTERNSHIP: Gain experience in systems design and problem solving, by thinking of the unexpected as an intern @ MailChimp - Atlanta

4. Help solve "wicked" global challenges by assisting in primary research and analysis and communicating results in powerful new ways @ Future Laboratories LLC - NYC

5. Help shape the digital design direction of one of the hottest new shoe brands in the world@ Allbirds - San Francisco, CA
opportunities for those with more than 4 years of experience

1. Take your architecture and design skills underwater and design aquatic exhibits @ National Aquarium – Baltimore

2. Serve as VP of Talent to a start-up helping the next generation to become entrepreneurs and have an impact on local economies @ Venture for America – NYC

3. Manage the strategy for supporting a community of mentors while helping them become better student coaches at a start-up designing futuristic education models @ Springboard – San Francisco, CA

4. Improve employee engagement and culture while deepening your overall HR skills at a social organization focused on women @ The Wing – NYC

5. Develop innovative learning programs to help immigrants successfully integrate into a new country @ WES - NYC

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