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Okay. No more putting it off! Time for me to introduce myself.

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I've been working in the restaurant field most of my life. Do I like it? No, it's more like something I can do, settle for.

Okay then, it's time to begin changing into something new and more fulfilling.

I hang out, on this forum, mostly in self development, because that's where I'm at right now. I'm reading online articles on the subject and referencing books on the topics that I'm curious about. I want to learn more, improve, and pull myself out of this self created rut. I'm seeing improvement almost every day. This gives me encouragement to continue on this journey path, so I can improve even more.

A little about my past:
I was bored in high school, and my grades showed it. I kinda self taught myself some basic programming language by looking at the code of the (text based) game, and tried to understand what was going on. I'd change a thing or two and observe what that change did when the program was run. This was before basic programming was offered as a class. By the time the class was offered, it was boring mostly. Not much of a challenge to keep my interest. I was no wiz kid, but I knew enough to be considered dangerous. Heh. I went through basic 1 and 2 no problem. Next, pascal. I was like, what have I gotten myself into?!

Graduated high school by the seat of my pants. I should have gone straight into college at that point, but I didn't know what I wanted to do. I decided to start working. 15 years later, I decided to go to college and work full time. That was a huge change in my life and struggled to balance both. I decided that computer programming was the major I wanted. Then I discovered that being out of school for so long, I had forgotten much of what I had learned and had to take a lot of classes to get me up to college level. Ouch!

Eventually, that got the best of me. I struggled with math bigtime. I was required to take just about every college level math class offered BEFORE I could even step foot into the computer classes. I threw in the towel. I spent years paying off the student loans.

Fast forward to now. I'm just starting to see the interest and passion I have in learning to become healthier, happier, have a better mental state, spirituality, and relationships. An on the toilet moment yesterday, the light bulb went on in my head. Perhaps I could continue learning in these fields of study, then create a way to use that knowledge to pass it on to others. That could become a job, career, or business down the line.

I've gotta get ready for work here in a few minutes, so I'll throw this introduction out into the universe and see where it takes me.


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Hi Terry, welcome!

A familiar story. Good thing is, it's never to late to improve yourself. And today is always the day to start :-D
I love programming myself. I focus mostly on front end, but I would love to get better at back end web development.
Here is the link for an amazing course I'm taking right now and which @cvans finished and can attest to how good it is.

That is a $11 course that can change your life if you want to learn programming.
There is sooo much more out there to learn on the web. No one needs college to learn programming.
And advanced math classes are not needed. Having done them is no waste of time, but I wouldn't recommend anyone to take a mathematics class before starting this.

Looking forward to hear more of your future plans!


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Welcome @Terry B !

Computer programming is something you really only learn by doing. It's helpful to take a course, such as the one that @Gerrit mentioned, to become familiar with the basics, but you really only learn by developing your own projects. So I would strongly encourage you to come up with some sort of real life application that you can start creating, because I promise you that you will learn more from that than from all your time in college.

If you want to learn more about Computer Science fundamentals, there is this free Harvard Computer Science course: CS50 that you can take on EdX. I haven't gotten very far with it, yet, but it's really high-quality. You should check it out!