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Every Life has a Story

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(Hope the link is allowed! If not, search "Every life has a story Chick-fil-a" to find the video, I don't own rights to it)
If you've heard of Chick-Fil-A, they're known for their chicken sandwiches and their AMAZING chick-fil-a sauce.
But what they've done to take over the fast food industry is using kindness to make the world a better place.

Every team member is trained to say "My Pleasure" instead of "You're welcome" and kindness towards their guests (not customers) is their top priority.

This is huge. While smiling won't fix your business if you don't offer a great product, having great customer service is what takes the guest experiences over the top.

I teach a class called "Inside the Lives of our Young Team Members", which is about being aware of what our young employees (aimed at teens) are going through and struggling with. A point I bring up is that we don't know what happened 5 minutes before our employees walk in the door; they could've lost a loved one that morning, could be going through a break-up or could've even contemplated taking their own life.

I've dealt with my share of cranky people (I have super thick skin now because of it lol), and here's what I've learned:
1. Let them talk! Over half the time they don't want you to fix anything, they just want you to hear that they're not happy. Don't rush to shut them up with a coupon- let then get it out, be the person who actually hears them!
2. It might not just be the food they're upset about- maybe their day was shitty, and they just wanted a break. It might not seem like a big deal that you messed up their food, but that could've been the last straw for them. You're not just making food, you're making a meal for them or their family.
3. The kindness you show them could be the only kindness they get that day. What if, instead of contributing to the negativity in their world, you could be that ray of sunshine that keeps them going? You don't realize how powerful your kindness can be, so never stop showing it!

Not sure how much kindness to show? J.M. Barrie says (my FAVE quote) "Always be a little kinder than necessary."
While I've never worked for Chick-Fil-A, I can't help but admire what they've done to impact the world!

P.S. Sorry if this thread is a bit sporadic, it's a Monday and I'm still drinking coffee at 4:30 pm :D


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I like this sporadic thread! 😊 I think this is exactly the stuff we need. At least the ones amongst us building businesses or leading teams. Kindness is often the hard way. But it creates understanding and will improve your customer experience and your product. Great share! Also Chick-Fil-A is awesome. We don’t have it in the Netherlands but I went there when I was in Texas 😊
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I love this! Even if it's random...it's perfect!

"Always be a little kinder than necessary." <-- That right there is big deal being a business owner and creating culture within teams that spread outside the walls of the business.