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  1. Teliah Gienger


    What kind of music do you listen to while working? Assuming you listen to music at all. :) Today, my jam has been the "Guilty Pleasures" playlist on Spotify. Go listen to it. You're welcome. ;)
  2. Teliah Gienger

    Te's 2018 Goals :)

    Hey everyone, I was encouraged by Kylon to post my goals too and update throughout the next year. :) I'll probably try to update each month or maybe each quarter as that's what we do with the businesses. :) Anyways, here they are: Hire a manager for Renu Finalize all Renu systems by...
  3. Teliah Gienger


    Hi everyone! My name is Teliah and I'm Kylon's wife. :) What I do: I own and run two brick and mortar businesses as well as my own online yoga teacher training. I love: living in the mountains with my family, snowboarding, yoga and health, pickles, our dog, this community and my husband...