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  1. Sam

    Its been awhile...

    Hi Rachel, Thank you for sharing your personal journey, and continuing to move forward every day. What are a few things that are positive about your day to day? That's really helped me through depression in Scotland's winter months. Peace ☮ -Sam
  2. Sam

    I want to drop out of college to go into Real Estate, but I don't know how to convince my Mom...

    Hey there! Great post, would you like to introduce yourself in the Introductions Thread? You've partly answered your own question, in that you need a game plan. Something which has worked for others who have convinced their parents that dropping out may be the best option at this point in...
  3. Sam

    Secretly hoping I flunk out just so my family won't know it was my way of dropping out or quitting again.

    I've been there! What are you studying? A good option for you with a lot of high paying jobs at the other side might be Seth Hymes' digital marketing course! You can find it at Let us know how you're getting on in general too!
  4. Sam

    My 2018 Journey

    Let us know how that goes for sure!
  5. Sam

    My 2018 Journey

    Good job making steady, consistent progress! How are the pre-orders going? Great to hear that you're getting things pulled together before such an important time, congrats!
  6. Sam

    Running a Parrot Boarding Business

    @Claire24 Welcome! I've never met anyone in the parrot industry! Your journey is going to be a cool one to follow, how long have you been running your aviary? Followed on Instagram. (y)
  7. Sam

    Who am I?

    It's great to see you in the forum Umair! I second @Kylon, an introduction thread would be awesome!
  8. Sam

    Entrepreneur Path

    Minimalist ✨ Life Purge As I prepare for a few months in the USA, I'm going very asset light. The plan is to carry over 95% of my possessions in a suitcase. Here's what I have left to purge and the philosophy behind it!
  9. Sam

    Entrepreneur Path

    A few updates since I posted here last! I've moved on from the pre-owned bike specialist startup and escaped the dark Scottish winter for a brief trip to Spain: Exiting a Cycle Startup in 2019 🚴 Explore Barcelona 2019 🕍 South of Spain in 1 WEEK! 🌞
  10. Sam


    That sounds like a very exciting project! I'd also love to hear more!
  11. Sam

    My 2018 Journey

    Dulce, that's awesome! Every marathon is made up of thousands of small steps. And this was a big step.
  12. Sam

    Entrepreneur Path

    How to declutter your mind with minimalism. My mental clarity has massively improved since I managed my things more carefully and curated my personal living space. Have any of you tried this? What do you think?
  13. Sam

    Entrepreneur Path

    Cycle Hustle in Scotland Got some good deals for the second hand bike business I'm working with at the moment a couple of Sundays ago. Requires being in the right place at the right time! Check it out. :)
  14. Sam

    Happy holidays from the west coast!

    Welcome @elsasayswhat!
  15. Sam

    Good afternoon. Sunlight is dying but life is not.

    Welcome Propanna! Great to see you in the forum. I would also recommend documenting your journey in the 'Follow Along Journey' forum, I have found great support and encouragement in my journey when I have posted my updates here. What things other than coding interests you?
  16. Sam

    Entrepreneur Path

    🕒 how scheduling apps make me available to my clients 24/7 🕒 Scheduling apps enhance the human experience, you have to try them out before you die! :D
  17. Sam

    Entrepreneur Path

    Bikes are bonkers 🚲 A peek into the warehouse full of bikes I'm working in a lot with Cycletrade!
  18. Sam

    Entrepreneur Path

    Merry Christmas!
  19. Sam

    Entrepreneur Path

    meal prep will ⚡SUPERCHARGE⚡ your business Seeing awesome time savings with meal prep. Would love to hear others' experience of this!
  20. Sam

    Entrepreneur Path

    You can't edit a blank page Hitting the gym and content creation last week!