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  1. Sam

    Tony Robbins Morning Routine

    Hi guys! Thought this could be a valuable resource to you all. I've done variations of his routine in the past and don't know why I don't stick to it! Tried this one this morning and I'm filled with gratitude, confidence, peace and energy to face the day with. I also know @Kylon and @Teliah...
  2. Sam

    Day in the Life

    Really enjoy these shorts, and I love creating them too! Kylon suggested I throw this great short film up, I know there will be dozens of Time Ferris fans in the house. A Day in the Life of Tim Ferris Enjoy!
  3. Sam

    Entrepreneur Path

    Hi all, Kylon suggested I post my daily videos up here documenting my self-development and progress in business. I'm not going into specific details on the business I'm getting off the ground as we're trying not to draw attention from our competitors. What I will be discussing are various...
  4. Sam

    Who am I?

    Not an existential crisis, just an introduction! I'm Sam Watt, I live in Scotland and I've been listening to the Successful Dropout podcast just about since it started. It really motivated me to think outside the box and not accept the conventional graduate route (University is free in...