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    My 2018 Journey

    Dulce, it has been so cool watching you in this journey on FB, especially after having your little boy! How were your pre-orders? Is it too late to put one down for me? :D I'd love one!
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    Running a Parrot Boarding Business

    Welcome to the SD community/forum @Claire24 ! I also have never met someone in the parrot business. SO COOL. I'm excited to see your updates and you continue on. :)
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    Just created my first blog site. Wow, by poking around, I've got a lot to learn about!

    Terry! This looks awesome! I love your mantra and going with the philosophy of just getting started. ;) Great job!
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    Is my podcast app castbox acting up, or has there not been a new podcast in almost 3 weeks?

    Hey Terry! Everything is ok...we've just been traveling for the last couple weeks! Hope to get back to normal when we get home! :)
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    Hey Shannon! Welcome to the forum! Yes, I agree with Corne! Once you have your site live...put it in the Follow Along category so we can see your progress! Also, it's kind of sad what you were saying about teachers trying to appeal to students by showing them videos like that. Tells me that...
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    Business Name

    I really like that!! Like it @Tommy Salmons
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    Hi from Australia

    Hey @Connor welcome! We have been wanting to travel to Australia for a while now! I really want to go to New Zealand. :) Yes, I have to ask that same question...what were those 18 months like? How did you parents handle traveling and schooling? Where did you go? What did you learn? :)...
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    Greetings from California

    Hey! I commented on another thread of yours. But, I'll reiterate. :) I would find a job that you can really immerse yourself in, in the IT field. That way you can come to your parents with a plan. @Kylon could probably speak to this a little more but until he responds, listen to this episode...
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    Hello there - Web Developer from India!

    Welcome to the group! You have had quite the ride so far. :) Glad you found the forum and are getting connected!
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    Hey all! Stock trading entrepreneur

    Hey Vangi! Welcome to the group! What do you mean by this? ;) What is your dream? It's cool to hear a little bit about what you do. I have to be honest that when I read about penny stocks, it reminded me of Wolf of Wall Street. hahah Glad you're here!
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    Okay. No more putting it off! Time for me to introduce myself.

    Hey Terry! So glad you introduced yourself! :) Love reading all your posts and responding! Now, I feel like I know you a little better. :)
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    Te's 2018 Goals :)

    We're in Rome right now and then are in Florence from the 31st - 9th and then in Berlin from the 9th - 13th. :) Anyone that lives over here want to come visit us? ;) Thanks guys!