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Get a full time job at a startup in just 9 months. NO DEGREE REQUIRED. Net cost of the program is $0.00 and average Praxis graduate salary is $50,000. The guys and gals at Praxis are awesome and they’re 100% dedicated to helping you achieve success in business and in life while avoiding the pitfall of college. The application process is competitive, so start now and let them know you found out about them on Successful Dropout!


successful-dropout-uncollege-2Volunteer and travel the world, live for 10 weeks in San Fransisco, and intern at a company that matches your interests and aspirations. If you are looking for direction and new experiences, UnCollege is for you! Through the UnCollege Gap Year Program, you will gain confidence, find your direction, define your objectives and goals, and meet awesome people. It’s a great way to set yourself up for success early on. I have a great relationship with these guys and they love Successful Dropout…I highly recommend!