6: How a self-taught marketer can generate millions with Derek Magill

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Derek Magill is a college dropout, marketer, business strategist, career expert, and author.  After dropping The University of Michigan during his sophomore year Derek started a marketing company that went on to generate millions of dollars in business for his clients.

He is currently the Director of Marketing at Praxis, which is a revolutionary nine-month intellectual and real life education program  geared towards young entrepreneurs, dropouts, and gap years students. He also just released his new book “How to Get Any Job You Want”.

Time Stamped Notes

  • 00:12 Kylon’s intro
  • 01:35 Derek introduces Praxis
  • 03:60 Why join Praxis?
  • 05:50 College limitations
  • 07:30 Who should drop out?
  • 12:30 The myth of college
  • 14:30 Building résumé vs value propositions
  • 18:25 How to Get Any Job You Want
  • 20:45 Why Derek dropped out
  • 23:35 Family response
  • 25:00 Friend’s responses
  • 27:00 Advice for family response
  • 29:30 Derek’s first months after the dropout
  • 32:25 Entrance into marketing
  • 39:35 Create and Learn
  • 40:55 Derek’s worst entrepreneurial moment
  • 44:00 What he would say to his younger self
  • 47:40 Personal habits for success
  • 49:38 What is success?
  • 53:28 Recommended books
  • 57:50 Derek’s last pieces of advice to potential dropouts
  • 01:02:40 Kylon’s outro

4 Key Points

  • Create a network of relationships with people beyond your level of personal experience to diversify the amount of advice and guidance you receive.
  • Distinguish yourself by creating a value proposition. Use a document that states how you are equipped to add value to the company.
  • Learn to accept upsetting those who are close to you – it’s gonna happen!
  • Don’t be afraid – learn on the job, make mistakes, and start projects early enough to fail – mistakes are part of the process!

Resources Mentioned


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